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King Gustav III's State Bedchamber

King Gustav III and Queen Sofia Magdalena lived in the State Apartments of the Royal Palace of Stockholm. King Gustav III commissioned the architect Jean Eric Rehn to decorate two state bedchambers in the French style – one for himself and one for Sofia Magdalena.

The two bedchambers are separated by the magnificent King Karl XI's Gallery.

King Gustav III's State Bedchamber features one of the palace's earliest Neoclassical and Gustavian interiors. King Gustav III's own desk, dating from 1778, still stands in this room.

To complete the French traditions, King Gustav III also introduced le lever, a reception held during his morning toilette.

It was also here that King Gustav III eventually died from his injuries after being shot during a masked ball at the Royal Swedish Opera in 1792.

King Gustav III died here, two weeks after having been shot by Jacob Johan Anckarström during a masked ball on 16 March 1792.

He died on 29 March of blood poisoning and pneumonia. His last words were: "I am so tired, and would like to rest for a while."