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The Vita Havet Assembly Rooms

The Vita Havet Assembly Rooms was originally two separate rooms: the queen's guards' hall and her dining room. The queen's dining room was originally known as Vita Havet ('the White Sea'), and when the two rooms were combined they took the same name.

Today, The King and Queen use this room to welcome guests before official dinners. Afterwards, the room is used as a drawing room.

The annual Sweden Dinner is held in the Vita Havet Assembly Rooms, at which the Royal Family recognises individuals who have made significant local, regional or national efforts.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's wedding ball was also held here in 2010.

The silver objects include King Karl XII's Cavaler coronation horse, a silver shoe set in a serving dish. According to tradition, the horseshoe fell off during the coronation ride and the finder would have good luck.