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Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz 1716–1796

After travelling in Europe, Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz was employed as a supervisor during the construction of Stockholm Palace. During his travels to France in 1753, he acquired models for new furnishings and fittings for the Royal Palace.

The Chinese Pavilion – a birthday present for Lovisa Ulrika – is closely associated with Adelcrantz. He was also the architect of royal theatres such as Drottningholm Palace Theatre and Confidencen at Ulriksdal. Today, Drottningholm Palace and its associated buildings and gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

His relationship with King Gustav III was initially good, and he was commissioned to design the king's opera house, which was built in 1775–1782.

Hall of the Order of the Seraphim, wall elevation, window wall with alternative proposals for tiled stoves. Profiles for mouldings.

Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz

Portrait of Carl Fredric Adelcrantz, painted by Alexander Roslin in 1754.

Palace architect
Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz

Famous works
The Chinese Pavilion
Drottningholm Palace Theatre
Responsible for the construction of Stockholm Palace
Responsible for the interior design of Strömsholm Palace