Royal Walks: Drottningholm

Three walks at Drottningholm in the Royal Walks app will guide you through the World Heritage Site of Drottningholm Palace Park, from the royal residence, through the historic park and up to the exotic Chinese Pavilion.

"The beautiful gardens at Drottningholm – the beloved work of my moments of leisure, and the sweet refuge from my cares." – King Gustav III

There are three different walks to choose between:

The World Heritage Walk

The World Heritage Walk guides you to the historic buildings in the area. A number of architectural features are tucked away in the greenery around the park. What were they used for? Who lived there, and what are they used for now? This walk is perfect for those with an interest in history, nature and Sweden's cultural heritage.

The Garden Walk

If you prefer to find out more about Drottningholm Park's unique gardens, you can follow the Garden Walk instead. The park consists of the Baroque garden, an English Garden an intimate 18th century garden at the Chinese Pavilion. The route will take you through some of the natural highlights of the palace park.

The Sculpture Walk

The Sculpture Walk is ideal for those who want to know more about the spectacular marble and bronze statues dotted throughout the park's surroundings. During the walk you will learn more about everything from Swedish spoils of war to classic mythology, while taking in the natural beauty of the park with all your senses.

Free to download

The Royal Walks app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play. The text is in Swedish and English, and is illustrated with new and historic photos.

Photos: Raphael Stecksén

Discover the World Heritage Site of Drottningholm with the free app.

There are three different themes to choose between. The Garden Walk will take you on a beautiful walk through the park's different stylistic ideals.

The World Heritage Walk showcases the unique buildings in the palace grounds.

The park is home to many statues and sculptures. The Sculpture Walk is a great way to find out more about these.

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Barnens Drottningholm Open today 11.30-16.00

Ta med barn och barnbarn på en utflykt till Drottningholm. Här kan ni gå på lejonsafari, leta efter guld och upptäcka växter.

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Två drottningar har präglat Drottningholm –Hedvig Eleonora som byggde slottet under stormaktstiden och Lovisa Ulrika som på 1700-talet to...

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Drottningholms slottspark är öppen året runt. Här vandrar du genom historiska stilideal från 1600-talets barock till engelsk park på sent...

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Drottningholms slottskyrka invigdes 1730 och har sedan dess använts kontinuerligt. Arkitekter är Tessin och inredningen är signerad Carl ...

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”Han förde mig vid sidan om lustträdgården och jag blev överraskad att där plötsligt stå inför ett verkligt feeri, ty kungen hade låtit u...

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I det gamla maskinhuset vid Kina slott hade konstnären Evert Lundquist sin ateljé. Numera är ateljén museum med oljemålningar, koltecknin...

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Välkommen till en butik utöver det vanliga. Slottsboden är en unik present- och souvenirbutik belägen i besökscentret vid Drottningholms ...

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Had Hedvig Eleonora been less strong in character, it is very likely that the history of Sweden would have been entirely different. Drott...

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During the mid-18th century, Drottningholm Palace was at the centre of intensive efforts to cultivate silk in Sweden. In 1753, Queen Lovi...

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Lovisa Ulrika had high ambitions. She had "more knowledge and insight into the sciences than a lady needs", and wanted to be an enlighten...

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