Vasa Walk in the grounds of Gripsholm Castle

Follow in the footsteps of King Gustav Vasa around Gripsholm Castle. The walk will take you on a historic tour around the grounds of the castle. What was the purpose of the four towers? Where was King Erik XIV imprisoned? Where were King Gustav Vasa's cannon hatches?

On the 500th anniversary of Gustav I's election as King of Sweden, there will be a special focus on Gripsholm Castle – the castle that is most closely associated with King Gustav Vasa. The man and his life will be revealed and discussed from every angle during 2023.

The Royal Walks app's new Vasa Walk will be launched in May, guiding visitors around Vasa's magnificent castle. The story of Gustav Vasa and the Vasa Dynasty will be told at eight stops – six of which are at the castle. Visitors will also gain an insight into many of the historical highlights that took place at the castle, and how it has been expanded, rebuilt and altered over the centuries as the town of Mariefred grew larger.

Each of the four towers – the Vasa Tower, the Grip Tower, the Prison Tower and the Theatre Tower – has played an important role in the castle's history. Find out about where King Erik XIV was actually imprisoned, a 1560s spy map, and where King Gustav Vasa's cannon hatches were located in the castle's walls during its age of military power.

The text is in Swedish and English, and is illustrated with new and historic photos. The content can be accessed from anywhere, and can be read before, during and after your visit.

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The Royal Walks app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store External link, opens in new window. and Google Play External link, opens in new window.. The text is in Swedish and English, and is illustrated with new and historic photos.

The app also includes walks for South Djurgården, Tullgarn Palace Park, Drottningholm Palace Park and Ulriksdal Palace Park and Haga Park.

Gripsholm Castle's Vasa Jubilee 2023:

Vasa jubilee 500 years

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You can walk around Gripsholm Castle by yourself, but taking a guided tour can make your visit extra special.

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