Autumn holidays at Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle will be opening its doors during the autumn holidays, with image hunts and journeys of discovery through the castle's winding passageways.

For four days during the autumn holidays, we will be inviting children of all ages to Gripsholm Opens in new window.. Inside the castle, children can carry out the 'Fashion Safari with Leo' (also available in English) and 'The Vasa Children' activities.

With its dungeons, armoury, canons and a stuffed lion, this is an exciting location for all the family. The castle will be open for self-guided visits.

All children who completes the task, will be rewarded with a hot dog in the café Kronköket at the castle grounds.

Except for the rooms and halls of the Vasa kings, the castle is also housing the Swedish National Portait Gallery and interiors from the era of the famous "theatre king" Gustav III.

Gripsholm castle

Explore the castle on your own, Children carry out the task by themeself (in company of an adult)
2–5 November: 10:00–16:00

Guided tour i Swedish for children at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00.

Entry tickets can be purchased via the ticket link or at the entrance to the castle.

Kronköket kitchen and Royal Gift Shop

At the castle's Kronköket kitchen Opens in new window., you can buy hot dogs, coffee and hot apple drinks during the autumn holidays.
Kronköket will be open 2–5 November 10:30–15:30
The Royal Gift Shop will at 10:30–16:30

Vasa Walk in the palace park

Follow in the footsteps of King Gustav Vasa around Gripsholm Castle. The walk will take you on a historic tour around the grounds of the castle. What was the purpose of the four towers? Where was King Erik XIV imprisoned? Where were King Gustav Vasa's cannon hatches?

The free guide app 'Royal Walks' will guide you around the palace park:

Fivehundred years since Gustav Vasa became the king of Sweden. His castle Gripsholm is one Swedens most popular castles. Photo: Dick Norberg

Gripsholm Castle autumn holidays image hunt children's activity

Come on a fashion safari with Leo the Lion at Gripsholm Castle. See famous historical Swedes in their most stylish outfits. Collect an activity sheet from the front desk, and turn a tour of the palace into a journey of discovery.

Nowadays, Fredrik I’s lion with its bizarre expression is something of an online celebrity. Photo: Alexis Daflos/