Autumn holidays at the Royal Stables

Come to the Royal Stables during the autumn holidays! Here, you can meet The King's horses, try hobby horse show jumping, go on a quiz trail, and enjoy coffee and crafts at the Stable Café.

The Royal Stables will be open on weekdays in week 44 during the autumn holidays. In the afternoons you can explore the Royal Stables, meet the horses, see the carriages and look into the harness room.

Hobby horse show jumping in the manège

Bring your hobby horse and try hobby horse show jumping in the manège! Individual hobby horses are available to borrow.

Quiz trail with horse questions

Go on a quiz trail with fascinating horse questions. All participants will receive a prize, which can be collected from the Stable Café.

Coffee and crafts

In the Stable Café, there will be refreshments and crafts for all children who are off school for the autumn holidays.


Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November

Children aged 7 to 17: SEK 20
Free entry for children aged 6 or under
Adults: SEK 100

Tickets can be purchased here on the website or from the Royal Stables.

Saturdays and Sundays at the Royal Stables
Weekend tours will be arranged during the autumn.

The Royal Stables can be found at Väpnargatan 1 in Östermalm, just behind the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Here, you can see the horses, harnesses, carriages and cars used for official ceremonies.

Top image: Charlotte Gawell/

Coffee and crafts in the Stable Café. Photo: Raphael Stecksén/

Try hobby horse show jumping in the manège. Photo:

The Royal Stables are a fascinating destination for all ages. Here, you can see the carriages, horses and cars used during ceremonies such as state visits, the Opening of the Parliamentary Session, and when The King receives new ambassadors. Photo: Raphael Stecksén/