Epiphany weekend at Gripsholm Castle

During Epiphany holiday, 6 and 7 January, we will be opening the gates to Gripsholm Castle. Take a trip to Mariefred after the Christmas and New Year holidays, and visit one of our most popular castles.

Gripsholm is known as Gustav Vasa's castle, as it was he who built the castle here in 1537. The castle boasts a unique collection of furniture and artworks spanning five centuries.

Gripsholm Castle is also home to the world's oldest national portrait gallery – the Swedish State's collection of portraits – featuring prominent Swedes from the days of Gustav Vasa to present day musician and composer Benny Andersson.

The castle is open for self guided tours.

Fashion Safari and Beard Hunt

Bring the children! Our image hunts ensuring a fun and educational visit. The images on the activity sheets are taken from some of the castle's hundreds of portraits, which feature a great variety of follicle fashions!

Vasa walk in the palace park

Follow in the footsteps of King Gustav Vasa around Gripsholm Castle. The walk will take you on a historic tour around the grounds of the castle. What was the purpose of the four towers? Where was King Erik XIV imprisoned? Where were King Gustav Vasa's cannon hatches? The free app 'Kungliga promenader' (Royal Walks) will guide you.

Café and The Royal Gift Shop

This weekend, the castle's kitchen will house the Red Cross café. King Gustav III was very fond of Gripsholm Castle, and often came here with his entire court – almost one hundred people. He set up a kitchen – Kronköket – where food was prepared during the court's sojourns here from 1773 until 1785.

The Royal Gift Shop will also be open this weekend.

Photo: Sanna Argus Tirén/Royalpalaces.se

Gripsholm Castle was residence for a Renaissance ruler – Gustav Vasa. The castle has the best-preserved interiors in Sweden from 16th century. Photo: Bruno Ehrs

Welcome to a royal kitchen dating 1773. Kronköket will be open on Epiphany weekend, and the Red Cross serves refreshments. Photo: Hans Thorwid

The Vasa Tower, the Grip Tower, the Prison Tower and the Theatre Tower has played important roles in the castle's history. The guide app 'Kungliga promenader' will give you a free tour "Vasa walk" in the palace grounds. Photo: Raphael Stecksén