Jubilee concert: A voyage of discovery by harp and bassoon

Roman Reznik and Delphine Constantin-Reznik will combine the rare and mystical tones of the harp and bassoon, taking us on a fascinating journey of nostalgia through five centuries of European music.

Delphine Constantin-Reznik & Roman Reznik

10 August at 19:00

King Gustav III's Theatre, Gripsholm Castle
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Two highly regarded musicians will take to the stage in King Gustav III's theatre at Gripsholm Castle, performing a jubilee concert with music spanning five centuries. This will be a magical encounter between the bassoon and the harp in a historic setting.

Delphine Constantin-Reznik, a harpist with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra for fifteen years, is in great demand as a soloist, a chamber musician and an orchestra harpist, both nationally and internationally.

Roman Reznik has been a solo bassoon player with the Oslo Philharmonic for thirteen years, and is one of the leading bassoon players of his generation. He is highly sought-after as an acclaimed chamber musician and orchestral performer around the world. A number of composers including Ukraine's Yevhen Stankovych and Norway's Kjell Marcussen and Morten Gaathaug have dedicated bassoon concerts to him.

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A magical encounter in a historic setting. Roman Reznik, a sought-after chamber musician and one of the finest bassoon players of his generation, will perform at Gripsholm Castle as part of the 2023 series of jubilee concerts. Photo: romanreznik.com

Together with Delphine Constantin-Reznik, a harpist with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, the concert will take the audience on a journey through five centuries of music. Photo: Nikolaj Lund