Evert Lundquist Day

Take the opportunity to visit the artist's studio in Drottningholm Palace Park, which has been preserved as he left it in 1993, one year before his death. On 19 May, there will be an open house session at Evert Lundquist's studio.

Evert Lundquist (1904-1994) was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist. He studied at the Carl Wilhelmson School of Painting, and under Gösta von Hennigs, Carl Wilhelmson and Albert Engström at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

His studio is now a museum, with oil paintings from various periods, charcoal sketches and drypoint prints. Works by Lundquist's wife Ebba Reutercrona and their twin sons Hymme and Manne can also be seen here – they were all painters.

Evert Lundquist's studio is housed in the old machine house at the Chinese Pavilion. With its arched gable windows and rounded gables, the machine house is typical of early 20th century industrial architecture in the Swedish Art Nouveau style.

There will be free entry on the day, and pop-up tours of the studio museum will be given.

Evert Lundquist Day will be held in partnership between the Public Department and the Evert Lundquist Foundation.

The studio is now a highly atmospheric museum with oil paintings, charcoal sketches and drypoint prints. Photo: Leif Mattsson