Lucia concert at Gripsholm Castle

Experience an atmospheric concert at Gripsholm Castle, as Lilla Akademien perform Lucia and Christmas music by Hugo Alfvén, Gustav Nordqvist and Solveig Grippe.

Lilla Akademien will be visiting Gripsholm Castle for a concert featuring Lucia and Christmas music. The Chamber Choir, consisting of around 30 upper secondary and pre-college pupils, will perform pieces by Hugo Alfvén, Gustav Nordqvist and Solveig Grippe, conducted by Lotta Gullberg. There will also be instrumental music.

Lilla Akademien Music School

At Lilla Akademien Music School (the Junior Academy), high quality music education is integrated with academic education. The school was founded in 1998 by the educational visionary and musician Nina Balabina.

Gripsholm Castle has many stairs. There are no lifts or ramps.

Photo: José Figueroa