National Day Concert online

The traditional National Day celebration at Haga park will, due to the current situation, be a little bit different this time. The Royal Swedish Opera will give a digital concert from Gustav III's Pavlion at Hagapark to be experienced from home!

Celebrating June 6 in Haga park is a long-standing tradition and a joint adventure between the Royal Swedish Opera, the Royal Court and the municipality of Solna.

Unfortunately, this year's concert will not be able to take place in the normal way. But, of course, we will celebrate this important day anyway – we simply have to come to you instead!

The Royal Opera preforms – singing, ballet dancing and wonderful summer music – at Gustav III's Pavilion in Haga Park, one of the highlights of Swedish art history.

Participants make court singer Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, members of the Royal Swedish Orchestra and the Royal Swedish Opera's chorus and dancers of the Royal Swedish Ballet.

Concert on 6 June at 15:00

The digital concert will air at 15:00 (3pm) at the Royal palaces (Kungliga slottens) Facebookexternal link, opens in new window or at link, opens in new window

Enjoy the concert where you are – outside in a park, on your balcony or maybe from your sofa.

Gustav III's Pavilion

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