Visit the Royal Stables

The Royal Stables are located in central Stockholm, and are open for visits all year round. Welcome to a very special workplace.

You may have seen horses and a carriages making their way through the city, or on TV – for example during The Crown Princess Couple's wedding. These horses and carriages can be seen at the Royal Stables, a location in central Stockholm that many people know nothing about.

The main duty of the Royal Stables is to plan and carry out all transportation by car for the Royal Family. Horses and carriages are used on ceremonial occasions such as state visits, the opening of the Parliamentary Session and when The King receives new ambassadors.

For more than a hundred years, the Royal Stables have been located at Väpnargatan 1 on Östermalm in Stockholm.

Guided tours and café

The carriages, stables and buildings can be seen during guided tours all year round, which are given in Swedish or English. The times of the English tours are shown here.

The Royal Stables' café is opend on Saturdays and Sundays, 12.30-15.00.

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Photo: Charlotte Gawell/

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Photo: Sanna Argus Tirén/

Photo: Sanna Argus Tirén/

The Royal Stables

Guided tour