Research Lab CRAFT in an exhibition at the Chinese Pavilion

Starting on 28 June, nine artists working with craft will present their works at the Chinese Pavilion in the exhibition Going elsewhere – Material Interpretations of the Chinese Pavilion. The exhibition is the result of a year-long collaboration between the Royal Court of Sweden and Konstfack’s Research Lab CRAFT course. All course participants are professional practitioners with material-based practices who have delved deeper into their artistic research with the historical environment as a source of inspiration.

The Chinese Pavilion in Drottningholm Palace Park was constructed in 1753 as a birthday present for Queen Lovisa Ulrika. In keeping with the trends of 18th century Europe, the pavilion reflects the European fantasy of China. The building, interiors and objects imported from various parts of Asia tell us as much about Sweden as they do about China and remind us of our long history of shared ideas, movement and international collaboration. The pavilion is a perfect place to escape everyday life and daydream, both in the 18th century and today.

The participants in the Research Lab CRAFT course have used the pavilion as a starting point in their artistic work. The hope is that this will enrich visitors’ experience of the Chinese Pavilion and encourage them to see the place from new perspectives.

The artists involved are: Åsa Andersson, Sebastian Hägelstam, Vilda Kvist, Cecilia Levy, Kristin Larsson, Frida Lindberg, Kristina Lundsjö, Sameeksha Mehra and Eva Skärlund.

Exhibition curators: Professor Matt Smith (Konstfack) and Exhibition Curator Bronwyn Griffith (the Royal Court of Sweden).

Konstfack’s Research Lab CRAFT course has previously collaborated with the Hallwyl Museum (2018–2019) and the Museum of Ethnography (2019–2020).

The exhibition Going elsewhere – Material Interpretations of the Chinese Pavilion runs from 28 June to 22 August.

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