The Jubilee Year 2023

Next year is a double jubilee, marking 500 years since Gustav Vasa was elected king in 1523 – ushering in a new era that shaped modern Sweden – and it is also King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 50th jubilee. There will certainly be celebrations throughout the year! We will highlight 500 years of culture in the service of the realm with a new book and an exhibition at the Royal Palace. Gustav Vasa’s Gripsholm Castle will focus on the historic king, and a photographic exhibition about King Carl Gustaf’s 50 years as Sweden’s head of state will be displayed on Slottsbacken.

Jubilee exhibition

Vasa to Bernadotte: Culture in Service of the Realm, 1523–1973–2023
10 March 2023–7 January 2024
The Royal Palace, Stockholm

The jubilee exhibition highlights unique objects that are significant in conveying the history of Sweden’s development. Five hundred years of monarchy have built a rich and multifaceted legacy. The carefully selected objects reveal how court culture actively contributed to Sweden’s development and the formation of the country we live in today.

Join us on this historical journey that encompasses the establishment of a Swedish central government, the splendour of the Age of Greatness, educational ideals, academies, parliamentary power and revolution, international influences, royal art collections, foreign policy and a commitment to the environment.

The exhibition is produced by the Department of Exhibitions at the Royal Court, which has previously presented highly successful exhibitions including Daisy. Crown Princess Margareta and Look at the rugs – find me: Märta Måås-Fjetterström.


From Vasa to Bernadotte: Culture in the Service of the Kingdom, 1523–1973–2023

A magnificent volume about the Royal Collections published in connection with the jubilee exhibition. This book shares in-depth knowledge about key objects from our cultural heritage, from the 16th century to the present day.

The main author and curator of the exhibition is Dr. Lars Ljungström, Senior Curator of the Royal Collections. After more than 30 years at the Royal Court, he knows the collections better than anyone, and his scholarly body of work is of great national and international significance.

The objects are captured in historical settings, through the keen eye of photographer Ralf Turander.

Publisher: Bokförlaget Langenskiöld
Publication date: March 2023

King Gustav Vasa at Gripsholm Castle

At Gripsholm Castle, King Gustav Vasa and his family are always in great demand. During the jubilee year, visitors can find out all about his life. There will be lectures and in-depth tours focusing on the castle itself, its defence, its stylistic history, the Vasa family, historic marriages and political intrigue. Children can take part in a Vasa trail across the courtyards and Slottsholmen, as well as exciting picture hunts.

The annual series of concerts celebrates the jubilees of both Gustav Vasa and King Carl XVI Gustaf. The performances will take place during the summer and early autumn. There will be a particular focus on Gustav Vasa on Sweden’s National Day (6 June) and on Gripsholm Castle’s birthday, 10 August (St Lawrence’s Day).

Period: The 2023 season

Photographic exhibition on Slottsbacken

King Carl XVI Gustaf – 50 years for Sweden

A photographic exhibition featuring images from King Carl Gustaf’s time as Sweden’s head of state will be displayed on Slottsbacken outside the Royal Palace. The pictures present The King’s duties as head of state, including councils, formal audiences, medal presentations and state visits.

It will also highlight the head of state’s involvement in many different areas, alongside glimpses from important events in the life of the Royal Family. There will be around 40 images taken by as many photographers, artistic portraits and photos of a more documentary nature, including both staged images and snapshots. The exhibition will be displayed outdoors on Slottsbacken, and will be free to visit. A selection of the featured images will also be on show in several of the counties that The King will visit in 2023.

Period: June to September 2023

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