Strömsholm Palace

Getting here

Strömsholm Palace is situated 14 Swedish miles from Stockholm.

Street address:

Slottsvägen 32, Strömsholm

Ticket sales

Tickets are sold at the palace entrance during normal opening hours. You can also purchase tickets online.

Public transport

Take the train to Kolbäck station, then take a Brukslinjen bus to Strömholm, around 5 km. Or take the train to Västerås and then a bus to Kolbäck.

SJ traffic information +46 (0)771 75 75 75
Västmanland local traffic information +46 (0)771 22 40 00
Swebus express +46 (0)771 218 218
Brukslinjen +46 (0)220 105 29

By car

Take the E18 to Västerås, then take exit 252 to Strömsholm (the turning is around 25 km west of Västerås).

Take the E20 to Eskilstuna, then take exit 56 to Västerås (the turning is just west of Eskilstuna), then the 252 to Strömsholm.

By boat

Strömsholms kanal 0220-100 11

By plane

Fly to Västerås, then take a bus.

Västerås airport +46(0)21 80 56 10

By bus

Swebus Express 0200-21 82 18

Visit us

Pre-booked tours can be given in English or Swedish. For groups with specific interests, tours can focus on topics such as art, furniture...

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Discover more at Strömsholm Palace

Much of the décor at Strömsholm Palace is in the Gustavian style. It was created for King Gustav III's wife, Queen Sofia Magdalena, who w...

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Here, King Gustav Vasa raised horses for the Swedish Army. Today, there is a riding college and annual equestrian competitions are held i...

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At the top of the palace is Carl Hårleman's unique chapel, decorated in the 1730s for Queen Ulrika Eleonora the Younger.

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The Royal Gift Shop sells decorative items, accessories, postcards and classic souvenirs to suit all budgets.

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The Strömsholm Palace Café is situated in a building designed by Carl Hårleman in 1731 that originally housed the palace's kitchen.

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Early in the 1550s, King Gustav Vasa ordered the building of a Palace on a small island in the fast-flowing Kolbäck River. Much of that P...

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Articles and movies

At a young age, Karl XI received around twenty horses as a gift from the royal families in Spain and France. He then commissioned portrai...

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King Gustav Vasa laid the groundwork for Strömsholm Palace when he had an estate built on an island in the Kolbäck River in the 1550s. Af...

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Customer service

Opening hours: Closed


  • Are there any pushchair parkings at the royal palaces?

    The Royal Palace of Stockholm: At the entrance to the Reception Rooms, in the Outer Courtyard there is a limited amount of space for pushchairs. Under cover, but unmonitored and no locking facility.

    Riddarholm Church: At the entrance to Riddarholm Church. Under cover, but unmonitored and no locking facility.

    Drottningholm Palace: Outside the entrance. Under cover, but unmonitored and no locking facility.

    Other visitor attractions: No pushchair parking.

  • Which royal visitor attractions can I explore at my own pace?

    The Royal Palace of Stockholm, Riddarholm Church, Drottningholm Palace, the Chinese Pavilion, Gripsholm Castle, Strömsholm Palace and the Orangery at Ulriksdal can be explored at your own pace.

    The other palaces are by guided tour.

  • Is it possible to hire rooms at the royal palaces for dinner functions/events?

    Strömsholm Palace: The dining room in the Stone Kitchen can be hired for dinner functions.

    The other palaces: Room hire is not possible.

  • Are audio guides available for the royal palaces?

    The Royal Palace of Stockholm: An audio guide in Swedish and English is available for the Bernadotte Apartments and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.

    The Chinese Pavilion: An audio guide is available in Swedish and English

    Audio guides are not available at present for the other palaces.

  • Is it possible to take wedding photos inside the royal palaces?

    Wedding photography is not permitted in the rooms of the royal palaces.

    In the case of wedding ceremonies in Drottningholm Royal Chapel, Rosersberg Palace Chapel, Strömsholm Palace Chapel and Ulriksdal Palace Chapel, it is fine to take photographs in the chapel, but not in the rooms of the palaces.

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