Discover the culture and historical places at the south of Djurgården. The app Royal Walks is free to download.

Royal Walks: Djurgården

The Royal Walks app guides you along a scenic stroll through Djurgården, from Djurgården Bridge and along the waterfront to the Royal summer palace, Rosendal.

The route takes in sculptures, buildings, historical sites and events.

The Bernadotte Walk tells of the significance of the Bernadotte dynasty for Royal Djurgården – all of the seven Bernadotte kings have links to the area. Find out about the king who constructed Rosendal Palace and its surrounding parkland, the king who celebrated his silver jubilee with a world exhibition, and the king who inaugurated the world’s first National City Park.

The Waterline Walk stretches from Djurgården Bridge along the shore in the direction of Rosendal. Along the way we pass the “Swedish Nightingale”, and learn about the people and events that gave Jägarbackarna and Villa Godthem their names.

Djurgården Buildings Walk starts with the bridge (Djurgården Bridge) and ends with king Karl XIV:s palace Rosendal. Along the 1,9 km walk we will pass many unique houses, exhibition pavilions and villas.

Djurgården Art Walk will guide you to the monumental sculptures at and around the Rosendal area.

Rosendal Walk guides you in the area of Rosendal Palace.

The app also allows you to create your own walks to suit your interests, with the categories Garden and nature, Buildings and constructions, Royal, Places and events and Sculptures.

Top image: Discover the culture and historical places at the south of Djurgården. The app Royal Walks is free to download. Photo: Julius Bohlin

Discover the culture and historical places at the south of Djurgården. The app Royal Walks is free to download.

Discover the culture and historical places at the south of Djurgården. The app is free to download. Photo: Julius Bohlin

Choose between four routs or create your own walk with five different categories. Photo: Julius Bohlin

free download

'Royal Walks' can be downloaded free from the App Store External link, opens in new window. and Google Play External link, opens in new window..

swedish and english

The app offers complete walks following a theme or category. Texts are in Swedish and English and illustrated with historical and recent images.

Walks at the Palace parks

The app also includes theme walks for the palace parks at Ulriksdal, Tullgarn and Drottningholm.


Several grand sculpture exhibitions has been on show in the area around Djurgårdsbrunn Bay. Alice Aycock's sculpture, situated at Folke Bernadotte Bridge, is the first sculpture for the permanent sculpture park.

The Folke Bernadotte Bridge – a bridge across Djurgårdsbrunn Bay, linking the Museum Park on the north side with Rosendal on the south – opened on September 19, 2019.

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Discover south of Djurgården with an app – an interesting and accessible guide to the park.

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The Royal Djurgården Administration put the area Royal Djurgården at the disposal for sports and culture events.

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Rosendal Palace on Djurgården in Stockholm is a unique document of the Swedish Empire style, also known as the Karl Johan style. Rosendal...

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King Carl XVI Gustaf officially opened Sweden's first National City Park in 1996 , comprising North and South of Djurgården, Ulriksdal Pa...

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"I was glad that you could catch a glimpse of life on Djurgården, that you could see how the majesty of the oak trees depends on people p...

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Articles and movies

Frisens Park at Royal Djurgården are being restored by Royal Djurgården Administration, archaelogists and landccape architects. The knowl...

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The Royal Djurgården Administration has carried out a survey of the park's 200-year history. Using archives, horticultural archaeology an...

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Discover the Royal parks! Here, nature meets culture and history meets the present day. The parks are open every day of the year, 24 hour...

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