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Welcome to a boutique that is something out of the ordinary. The Royal Gift Shop is a unique present and souvenir shop offering products with a connection to the Royal Collections.

Many of the products are produced in limited editions and can only be purchased at the Royal Gift Shop. Amongst other things, you can find unique interior design articles based on patterns from original material from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s.

The boutique's broad assortment offers everything from popular souvenir items such as postcards and keyrings to exclusive jewellery in gold and silver.

The stores

The Royal Gift Shop is situated at the Outer Courtyard at the Royal Palace in Stockholm (Old Town) and open daily year round. The entry is free to the the Royal Gift Shop.

There are also gift stores at Drottningholm Palace and Gripsholm Castle.

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The images shows the range of products, not guaranteed to be in stock.

Top image: Accessories. The Royal Gift Shop has accessories inspired by royalty, including ties, tie pins, cufflinks, jewellery and scarves. The inside patterna of the umbrella is from a drawing of the Royal Palace of Stockholm by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger (1654–1728). The shop has a range of products with patterns from Tessin's drawings. The shop at the Royal Palace is open all year round. Subject to availability: Tessin umbrella SEK 355.

The best-seller book now in English

The book 'Royal Palaces of Sweden – People and stories' is now available in English.

Press and media

The lion sculptures that guard Lejonbacken at the Royal Palace were created by French sculptor Bernard Foucquet in 1702-1704. The Royal Gift Shop has hand cast pewter miniatures of the lion. Subject to availability: Pewter lion, small approx. 6x4 cm SEK 125, large approx. 15x10 cm SEK 950.

Tessin. The Royal Gift Shop has a range of products with patterns inspired by drawings of the Royal Palace by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger (1654-1728). Subject to availability: Tessin cup SEK 190. Tessin coaster SEK 35. Tessin table mat SEK 140. Tessin tray SEK 170. Tessin scarf SEK 565.

Teatime. The Royal Gift Shop has a range of unique products inspired by décor from the Royal Palaces. The pattern on one series of porcelain is taken from a silk interior at Rosendal Palace, probably produced at the Z. Fagerlund factory in Stockholm during the 1820s. The pattern on the tea towel is taken from the décor of Gustav III's Pavilion in Haga Park, and the pattern on the cake tin is taken from the stucco ceiling of the Victoria Salon at the Royal Palace. Subject to availability: Rosendal cup and saucer SEK 395. Rosendal teapot SEK 795. Rosendal plate SEK 295. Mini rectangular Rosendal saucer SEK 165. Cake tin SEK 135. Large Haga tea towel SEK 195.

The Gripsholm service. The Swedish Ship Terra Nova reached port in Gothenburg on 9 July 1776. On board was a 700-piece porcelain service that had been made in Canton, China. It was a gift for King Gustav III from the East India Company, and was intended to be used on the royal table at Gripsholm Castle. The decoration is in Gustavian style, with the national coat of arms at the centre. A series of products featuring the service’s motif is available from the Royal Gift Shop. Subject to availability: Straight lion pot small SEK 335. Straight Gripsholm pot small SEK 335, large SEK 445. "Blue rose" urn SEK 595. Gripsholm Castle pot small SEK 495, large SEK 645. Canton oval pot large SEK 430. Chinese couple figurines SEK 620. Medium "Blue rose" dish SEK 350. Rosendal tea towel small SEK 140, large SEK 195.

Royal literature. The Royal Gift Shop has books about our royal history and the Royal Palaces. Here, you can also find guides for your visits to the Royal sights. Subject to availability: Haga cushion cover SEK 350. Coat of arms blanket SEK 895. Parrot candelabra SEK 3,995. Royal Palaces book SEK 180.

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Welcome to a boutique that is something out of the ordinary. The Royal Gift Shop is a unique present and souvenir shop offering products ...

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