Egg Hunt at the Royal Palace

Little Prince Gustav (III) usually manages to get up to mischief during the holidays in the Palace. This time he has hidden golden eggs in the Palace's grand state rooms.

Egg hunt 7–16 April

The activity is available during the Palace's regular opening hours during Easter week.

Get the hunting map in one of the state rooms (signs) and see if you can mark where the eggs are located. There's a reward for any young hunters who help look for the golden eggs during.

The activity is available in Swedish and English and suitable for ages 5 to 10.

Discover more at the Royal Palace

The Palace is an exciting destination for visitors of all ages. The ticket includes entry to the Royal Apartments, the Treasury with its crowns and the Tre Kronor Museum – the museum in the cellar vault which tells the story of the Palace's mediaeval history. You can explore the Palace by yourself or join a guided tour.

Entry is free for children aged 6 or under, and there is a discount for children aged 7 to 17.

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Top image: Prince Gustav (III) /

All little hunters who participates in the egg hunt will be rewarded. Photo: Kate Gabor/

The Museum Tre Kronor – the museum in the cellar vault tells the story of the Palace's mediaeval history. Photo: Michael Steinberg

Many kings and queens have called the Royal Palace home. Can you find them? Our image hunts for children turn a visit into a voyage of discovery. Photo:

The Royal Palace

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