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The Cabinet Meeting Room

King Gustav III used this room as a dining room, and arranged weekly public suppers in front of invited spectators.

The room was redecorated during the time of King Karl XV. The two large tapestries, with themes from the classical tale of Jason and Medea, were woven by Les Gobelins in 1758 and 1765 and given to King Gustav III during his visit to France in 1771.

The busts positioned in the room depict King Oskar I, King Karl XV, King Oskar II, King Gustaf V, King Gustaf VI Adolf and King Karl XIV Johan. The large portrait of King Karl XIV Johan on horseback was painted by Fredrik Westin in 1838.

Today, Councils of State are held three or four time a year in this room. During Councils of State, The King and the Government share information about topical affairs of state. Our King chairs these Councils of State.

The five enormous chandeliers are made from Bohemian crystal, and were produced at the J. & L. Lobmeyr glass factory in Vienna during the 1860s.